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Enterprise WordPress Showcase: Summer 2024

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The Scale Consortium recently hosted its Summer Enterprise WordPress showcase with Josepha Haden Chomphosy, Executive Director of the WordPress project.

The session dives deep into the world of enterprise-level WordPress development, highlighting innovative sites and discussing the benefits of the platform in large-scale applications.


  1. Hachette Book Group: Transformed its website into a dynamic platform with improved mobile optimization, e-commerce capabilities, and user experience. Achieved significant performance boosts including a 50% increase in performance and a 22% improvement in accessibility scores.
  2. The Times and The Sunday Times: Implemented headless WordPress, reducing editorial workflow clicks by 63% and cutting publication time by 34%. Enabled quick onboarding with a 30-minute training process, demonstrating WordPress’s efficiency for large-scale news organizations.
  3. Disney and ABC Press: Unified multiple network sites into a cohesive editorial workflow with integrated digital asset management, streamlining content updates for 8,000 press members, an 8x improvement in editorial velocity, improving asset security, and embargoed content distribution.
  4. Standard Chartered: Migrated to a unified WordPress platform across 70 countries, enhancing team efficiency and offering a consistent user experience on 150+ sites. Real-time collaborative editing and a block-based content system highlighted WordPress’s capability for complex financial institutions.
  5. Cox Automotive: Implemented WordPress multi-site for 20+ websites, improving time to market by 50%, reducing content management overhead, and providing autonomy to individual content teams.
  6. Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical Company: Consolidated 200 websites onto WordPress, reducing technology overhead by more than 500k a year, and creating a scalable, secure infrastructure that meets compliance requirements while enhancing editorial flexibility.
  7. Fujifilm X: Utilized WordPress’s multilingual and block editor capabilities to manage complex global content in over 48 languages, ensuring a consistent and engaging user experience when managing more than 130,000 media artifacts.
  8. NBA G League: Embraced headless WordPress and multi-site features to more effectively manage team sites and deliver real-time updates seamlessly, enhancing fan engagement and interactivity.
  9. OFX: Transitioned from multiple Sitecore websites to a single unified WordPress solution, achieving a 70-80% improvement in staff efficiency and introducing a scalable, interactive design system without downtime during migration.

Learn about more industry-leading enterprise brands using WordPress →


This showcase affirmed WordPress’s role as a formidable player in enterprise web development, demonstrating its ability to handle complex, high-traffic environments while providing flexibility and scalability.

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Why are big brands using WordPress?

Leading enterprise brands choose WordPress for its versatility, scalability, and robust ecosystem of plugins. It offers flexibility to create performant, feature-rich websites while providing a user-friendly interface for content management, where businesses can be confident that they have total ownership of their code. Additionally, WordPress has cultivated a vast service provider layer, helping enterprises avoid vendor lock-in through a diverse range of support options.

How is WordPress Free?

WordPress is free to use because it is an open-source platform. This means its source code is freely available for anyone to use, modify, and distribute. Updates are managed by a community of experienced digital professionals who are driven by their belief in open source.

Many of the agencies who work with WordPress are also signatories of Five for the Future, an initiative where organizations contribute five percent of their resources to WordPress development to ensure its long-term sustainability.

How scalable is WordPress?

WordPress is highly scalable and capable of handling websites of all sizes, it can easily be scaled vertically and horizontally leveraging either cloud or bare metal infrastructure. WordPress’s adaptable architecture allows developers to easily accommodate increasing traffic and expanding content.

While WordPress is scaleable out of the box, multiple cloud providers and web hosts offer enhanced scalability through leveraging WordPress’s powerful abstraction layers that allow the use of endless possibilities of distributed database servers, distributed memory object caching servers, and all prominent web servers.

Trusted by the World’s Biggest Brands

Distinguished as the CMS of choice by the world’s biggest brands, WordPress stands as a testament to its reliability, versatility, and proven ability to elevate digital experiences.

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